Sec. Dep. Return

D-N-A Property Management company would like to wish you and your family the best of luck on your new adventure! The following are the steps to take for the return of your security deposit. Please be advised you should have received an email with a required notice to vacate. It is very important that you complete and return to Debbie K x 406


-Provide adequate written notice as per your lease terms.

-Leave no personal belongings or trash inside or outside the rental property.

-Residence vacuumed and broom swept.

-Kitchen inside and out cleaned: counters, cabinets and drawers, stove and oven, dishwasher, microware, refrigerator and freezer, as well as any other appliances that were in the residence for your convenience.

-All Bathrooms inside and out cleaned: Vanity, shower/tub and toilet.

-Smoke detectors in place with batteries and fire extinguisher in place.

-All light fixtures inside and outside residence with undamaged globes attached and with light bulbs installed.

-No broken or missing receptacle or light switch covers.

-Yard must be recently cut and free of all debris and pet feces; Driveway and pathway must be free of snow and ice.

-Keys are returned to the office and a forwarding address is provided in writing.


The information provided below is intended as general guidelines; tenant damage will be determined by the Agent upon inspection.



Normal wear and tear: a light smudging on walls and near light switches that can be cleaned away. One or fewer nail holes per 6 feet of wall space.

Damage:  Crayon, maker or pencil marks, or decal that leave residue or take off paint and require painting to repair. More than one nail holes per 6 feet of wall space. Large holes or gouges. Excessive smudging of walls.



Normal wear and tear: Worn thin from ordinary use, traffic patterns. Fraying carpet due to seams unraveling.  Fading color due to sunlight exposure.

Damage: Ripped, pulled up, torn or stained flooring. Pet stains or odors, beaching or discoloration, tears, stains or burns. Matting of carpet fabric from roller wheels of desk/office chairs and/or furniture


Normal wear and tear: Fading, peeling or cracking Dry or sun exposed paint.

Damage: Scuffed, gouged, marred or worn off due to scrubbing. Unauthorized or improper painting of walls. Mismatched paint color or sheen. Improper patching of holes.


Normal wear and tear: Minor marks, door sticking, warping or creaking from humidity.

Damage: Holes in door panels, broken hinges or frames, missing knobs or locks.



Normal wear and tear: Sticking or difficult to open/keep open.

Damage: Broken glass. Torn or missing screens (due to negligence, not storm related).


Normal wear and tear: Rusting appliance parts. Digital display stops working. Noisy dishwasher. Leaking.

Damage: Dented or broken appliances. Deep scratches or abrasions. Missing parts. Unreported inoperable appliance.



Normal wear and tear: Gears stick, difficult to operate. Broken cord.

Damage: Torn or bent. Slats or Parts missing. Cords knotted and tangled.



Normal wear and tear: Thin lawn due to lack of fertilization. Weeds in planters. Trees need trimming. Dead Plants or trees due to natural causes.

Damage: Dead or bare lawn due to improper irrigation. Holes or pet urine burns to lawn. Dead plants or trees due to lack of watering.



Normal wear and tear: Warped cabinet doors. Hard water residue.

Damage: Cracked or broken floor or countertop tiles or damage to their finish. Excessive grease or grime buildup to any surface or appliance. Grease drippings on garage floor or driveway.


A recommendation for the return of the security deposit will be made to the owner after an inspection is conducted and compared with your move in report, however, ultimately the amount of and decision to, is at the owner’s discretion.  Security Deposit will be returned within thirty (30) days after the premise is vacated and keys are returned to the office.