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Due to the recent EQUIFAX credit breach, millions of Americans are putting credit monitoring, fraud alerts or freezes on their accounts. If you have a FREEZE or FRAUD ALERT you will need to remove the FRAUD ALERT or the FREEZE before you fill out an application.

If you do not remove the freeze or the fraud alert prior to the application process you WILL be subjected to another $45 dollar application charge and your rental application will be delayed being processed by out application processor.

So again, please remove ANY and ALL freezes you may have on your account PRIOR to filling out any application with D-N-A Property Management Co.

If you placed a freeze on your account through the Equifax website, you can temporarily remove it right from their website. If you placed a FRAUD ALERT on your account, you will have to call Equifax to give authorization for our company and the company in which we use to process the rental applications.

For more information go to Equifax Security or their contact number is 1-866-447-7559.