Owners Testimonials

Several years ago I walked into DNA’s office located on 611. I spent a good amount of time speaking to them and telling them about my investment property we exchanged thoughts and I went on my way, I was never pressured into any contract or even told they could help me out. They just gave me advice and said you know where we are, reach out when your ready. It had been over 7 years since I spoke to anyone about my properties and my investment situation , but one day I found myself having to evict some bad tenants and had no choice but to use the services of another company who does property Management , I have nothing good to say about them so I won’t waste my time. But the one good thing that turned out from that experience was that I rediscovered that DNA was still in town even closer to me than before, I spoke to some people at DNA and was given an opportunity to give them a try. I am so glad I did, I can now sleep at night and I can focus on my family and career. There is and will always be a part of me that is reluctant to hand over the responsibilities to another but I have to tell you that it feels good when I have a team behind my best interest and is doing the job with integrity and confidence. I sometimes call to see what makes the office tick and always get a good response sometimes I even have to challenge my bad ideas and be directed by the professionals at DNA I gave some friends over the past few months DNA as a good reference for their properties and they are happier with that experience too. Everything is not always 100% but when there are qualified professionals anything that is wrong can be reviewed and redone DNA is a great place to start that relationship and help our community flourish. ~Bobbie
I have been with DNA property management for about four years now..I want to say that you have been wonderful…so glad my son chose you…you’ve been great..and I thank you so much.. Sincerely…Fran
DNA property management has done a beautiful job selling my property in East Stroudsburg, PA. They were on top of any issue that arose, kept in contact with me and were always easy to reach. They handled all the details and made my involvement as close to stress free as possible. They did such an awesome job with my property I hired them to manage a second one for me!~David
DNA Property Management has been managing my property since September, 2014 and I could not be happier. I made a last minute decision to rent my home shortly before relocating to another state and they quickly found a responsible and reliable tenant to rent to. The staff is always courteous and friendly and they handle any problem or need that may arise in a swift and professional manner. I couldn’t ask for a better management company and would recommend DNA to anyone who is looking for a company that will take excellent care of their home. ~Sarah
For the past 6-7 years DNA Property Management and it’s staff have provided me with excellent property management service. Their organization is knowledgeable in their trade and their staff really deliver’s a skilled service.

I still remember the day I heard from DNA to manage my units. The owner, Donald called me to verify my past tenant experience with a previous tenant. To which I replied, “You guys actually do this?!?!” The very next weekend I drove up to the DNA offices, then located on 611 and signed over 4 units for them manage.

Their task wasn’t simple or easy. My units were highly leveraged and entirely under water, so top market rent’s were necessary. But they persisted. Month after month of showings with which they filled my units. To this day I am grateful that they provided me with a service without which I would have long fallen into bankruptcy because of my own dumb decisions to buy at the peak of the market.

They saved my career and my sanity and most importantly my serenity.

As a result I have have very long term tenancies with little turnover. One tenant has been with me for 4 years and the other for 6.

Every smart landlord knows the meaning of such long term tenancies. If you are smart, you will pick DNA for your long term rental needs, they are fair, honest & deliver on every promise.

All the best, Val

P.S. When they provided me with a reference I called them and received a very similar referral to the one I just wrote.

Be smart, chose DNA.
I currently live in Kcmo, and have three rental properties in Pa. I have been using DNA Property Management Services for the past three years. DNA has done a great job at renting , maintaining, and up keep of all three rentals. Also the tenants enjoy the services that DNA provides, knowing that they also are taken care of.
So yes I will testify of the good service that DNA provides, and will continue to provide. ~B.S.
Thanks for all your work in keeping us updated. Since we are out of state, we appreciate you handling everything for us and keeping us informed!
Grateful for the great service! ~Benton