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D-N-A Property Management Company is a full-service real estate company and property management team. We have staff that are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®). Through continuing education, we are always looking for ways to improve our business so we can provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. D-N-A acts as the intermediary between owners and tenants with your best interest always in the forefront. Our goal is to make your investment property hassle and worry free while maximizing your income and minimizing your expenses. We are ready to advise and assist you with acquiring additional investment properties as well as selling your current property to increase your cash flow to purchase more. To ensure the overall supervision of your property, D-N-A Property Management has 2 centrally located office locations and employs a full-time staff and 24/7 answering service to handle any emergencies or needs as they arise.

Please read through this informational outline of our services as well as helpful tips on what to expect when hiring D-N-A as your property management professional.  A list of frequently asked owner questions, owner testimonials and our past several years of rental statistics. Our rental record speaks for itself. Property management is who we are, it’s what we do! We thank you for your business and look forward to working with you.



Our team efficiently and effectively utilizes a multifaceted approach to the market and advertise your rental property. We work diligently to gain the greatest exposure possible for your available rental units by utilizing a variety of different electronic and print advertising sources including but not limited to the Multiple Listing Service, Craigslist, The Real Estate Book, Trulia & Zillow, Realtor.com, Rentals.com, Hotpads.com, Homes.com and many other available syndication outlets. We are also very well known for our signage and advertise online as well as in print with Pocono Property Showcase and the local Pocono Record. We have a powerful web presence and aim to have your rental units occupied as quickly as possible and for the highest rent. We constantly evaluate the market conditions and advise our clients on how we can best achieve your investments goals.


It is our goal to obtain the highest qualified tenants and not to mention that it makes our job that much more pleasant. We have specifically designated an administrator to verify and screen applicants based on credit, employment, criminal background and rental or ownership history. A conscientious review of applicant’s current credit report will assure owner of timely rental payments. Verifying employment will assure the owner that the tenant has means to the pay rent. Talking with current and past landlords will assure owner tenants will maintain the property. Rental applications are submitted easily online. We require copies of all identification at the time of application and perform magisterial searches for any past landlord judgments, evictions, and criminal history. D-N-A is a fair housing advocate and does not discriminate against any applicant or tenant based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap or family status. D-N-A also has a confidentiality agreement with the property management software company and cannot release any credit reports to our customers and clients. For detailed information about our tenant screening policy, please see the attached “Tenant Scoring System” and copy of the Fair Housing Act.


The lease is between D-N-A Property Management Co. and the tenants. Leases are typically done electronically and kept in an electronic file through our property management software system. The lease automatically pulls in data from the renter’s online application saving time and reducing the requirement for manual data entry. We handle all aspects of the lease execution process including but not limited to, utility transfers, borough and township forms as well as community association registrations and fees. A walk through will be conducted upon move in to familiarize the tenant with the property and a condition report will be provided to the tenant. We will also coordinate all lease renewals and renegotiation of lease terms near the closing of the initial lease term. If there are any questions about the lease agreement or any special addendum’s specific to your property that you would like to request be added to the lease agreement, please inform the property manager at the time of taking the management contract. o Security Deposits are owner held and provided to the owner upon lease execution and property possession. When a tenant gives move out notice we then hold the last month’s rent in order to evaluate the property condition and to assure that all terms regarding security deposit return outlined in the lease agreement are met. We encourage tenants to leave the property in good condition by providing them with detailed instructions on what is required of them in order to get their security deposit back. We will compare condition at move out to the move in condition report to determine all costs necessary to rectify any damages to property. A complete security deposit disposition report will be completed and forwarded to the tenant within thirty days of move out.


Rents are received by our office sent by the tenant, either mail or by dropping off the funds to either one of our 2 office locations. We accept cash, check, cashier check, and money orders. The tenants are also provided the convenience of an online tenant portal in order to set up auto draft for electronic payment. This is very beneficial to the landlord since we can accommodate whatever rental payment a tenant may bring. Rents are due on the 1st day of each and every month. Because social security and state checks are not received by tenants until the 3rd, we allow a grace period until the 5th. The owners should expect to receive rent dispersal around the 12th of each month in accordance with weekends and holidays. In situations where the tenant pays late or does not pay rent at all, a delay of fund dispersal may occur. o There are unforeseen instances and risk associated with managing rental properties that a landlord must face and sometimes accept. When a tenant does not pay, our collections department will exhaust all options to collect the overdue balance and if with no prevail eviction proceedings will begin on or after the 10th of each month. After the eviction process has begun rents must be paid with certified funds, no personal checks are accepted. Even though we conduct thorough background checks, credit report reviews, and criminal background investigations, a tenant may still sometimes maliciously and purposely damage the rental dwelling and/or adamantly refuses to pay rent. These challenges are handled most expeditiously by D-N-A. We have systems in place to mitigate time loss incurred by a non-paying tenant. A tenant is responsible for damages that they cause through neglect or malicious intent.  Pennsylvania is regarded as a pay and stay state in terms of eviction. With proper notice and procedure, a tenant who remains in default of rents paid or does not perform in accordance with the lease provisions can be removed from a property in as little as five to forty-five business days after the notice is given and depending on the type of notice served. These are fees charged by the corresponding Constable’s Office and the Justice Court for utilizing their services. A standard eviction can cost between $475 – $550 start to finish. Additionally, we charge a fee to appear in court but nothing to administrate the eviction and conduct postings. Separately, we provide re-keying of the entire dwelling after the conclusion of the eviction process. The owner is advised on the best course of action to take.


Our desire is to create a clear trail of all funds pertaining to each property. All funds are held in a Pennsylvania escrow account per PA state law. An owner statement will be sent each and every month on each property along with the rent check via mail, or direct deposit. We strongly encourage owners to sign up for direct deposit service at no additional charge. We will direct deposit rent around the 12th of the month, in accordance with weekends and holidays. A second monthly disbursement will be made around the 22nd of the month again in accordance with weekends and holidays. Owner statements are easy to read and understand this really simplifies tax reporting at the end of the year. Our service includes paying expenses you have on the property such as maintenance and repairs bills when applicable. Copies of all invoices paid will be attached to the monthly statement in the order they appear on the report. Occasionally a statement will be held for a few days because of a late rent payment in order to send you your full monthly rent proceeds. o In order to provide our property owners with up-to-date information about their rental property, we supply our owners with a secure owners’ portal. An email account is required in order to sign up for this online service. Your owner portal will be set up by your property manager once the property is rented. With the owner portal, you will be able to.


We understand your need as a landlord to be kept up-to-date of property condition both physically and financially. Minor repairs ($500 or less) are usually decided upon by the property manager. Our maintenance department will notify you prior to making any repairs over the specified authorization amount. Emergency maintenance includes but is not limited to loss of air or heat, water damage, main drain stoppage or electrical problems. We offer 24/7 emergency answering services to ensure your property is always being taken care of and tenants can make repair requests 24/7 through our online tenant portal. We can create electronic work orders, then communicate electronically with our vendors. All of this is tracked seamlessly and we can access information from any mobile device. This means we resolve property maintenance issues faster and keep residents even happier.

Most emergency repairs can be fixed at the time of the service call; some require later bids and replacements such as heating and cooling systems. Over time we have assembled an array of reasonably priced honest maintenance technicians for every area of repair your property may need. Our pre-qualified licensed, insured repair technicians may charge based on services and prices we are receiving. Tenants are responsible for repairs up to $25. Prompt attention to maintenance items keeps tenants smiling and prevents minor problems from turning into high dollar repairs later. We ask our owners cooperation regarding tenant services whenever possible.

Any large remodeling jobs, insurance/HOA claims, jobs requiring bids, or any major repairs over the costs of $1000, D-N-A will require an additional ten (10%) percent charge, this will offset our staff cost to help you through these projects. Should a repair be over $1000 we will secure two written bids for you from licensed, insured vendors as appropriate if at all possible. Per the lease agreement the tenant is required to have renters’ liability insurance. We require residents to carry insurance in case of accidental damage to the property. This saves claims on your property insurance or covers the deductible in more serious incidents. Knowing all of the units are covered also avoids the time and hassle of trying to collect from tenants who just don’t have the funds to pay for the damage.

When the property is vacated, the maintenance department will perform an inspection and contact and arrange for any necessary cleaning or repair contractors as soon as possible to bring the property back to rentable conditions as quickly as is reasonable. We recognize that there will typically be a few days between tenants after a change of tenancy but we will always strive to make this turnover period as brief as possible. We recognize the impact of a prolonged vacancy.


At the time of move in and move out there is a complete written inspection of the property. We perform a full walk-through of the property to ensure that routine maintenance is carried out as recommended for a home. In addition to driving by the property for exterior inspections during the term of the rental agreement, we have a complete interior inspection done twice during the term of the lease at no cost to you. This includes photographs inside and out, with an inspection sheet and inspectors comment sheet. Additional inspections may also be done on request at an additional cost.


A tenant is bound by law to perform under the provisions of the lease agreement. From time to time extenuating circumstances may make this impossible. When a tenant prematurely vacates the leasehold without proper notice they automatically forfeit their security deposit. However, a court order is needed in order to force the terminated tenant to pay. When this situation occurs, the owner will be informed and advised on what best course of action to pursue.

All tenants are entitled by law to the right of “quiet enjoyment” of their rental during the period of their tenancy. As the property manager and landlords, we must, by law, give at least a 24-hour notice if we wish to enter their residence. In an effort to reduce the period of vacancy to its absolute minimum, we sometimes ask vacating tenant to allow us access to show the property to prospective new tenants with shorter notice. Under these circumstances, we find that some renters are not understanding and do not allow agents to enter the property, even with proper notice. Some tenants feel that the premature showings compromise their privacy and violate their leasehold interest. During these situations, an owner will be advised on the best course of action to pursue.


D-N-A Property Management Company is a full-service real estate brokerage firm with referrals available. D-N-A handles Community Home Owner Associations and specializes in residential sales, investment and rental properties. We have a complete sales and leasing department to help with any of your real estate needs. We offer referrals to loan, escrow, title companies and general contractors. The additional costs of these services are not included in the monthly management fee and individual prices would be established by each company.

Owner:-Donald Heller
Broker of Record/Office Supervisor: Dawn Chamberlain (ext. 413) – officemanager@dnaprop.com
Director of Property Manager: Natasha Leap (ext. 420) – propertymanager@dnaprop.com
Tenant Liaison: Cheryl Debro (Ext. 406)-tenantservices@dnaprop.com
Collections/Accounting: Debbie Kaintz (ext. 403) – accounting@dnaprop.com
Maintenance Supervisor: Natasha Leap (ext. 402) – maintenancesupervisor@dnaprop.com
Bookkeeping/Financial Services: Tanya “Dee” Clothier (ext. 417) – services@dnaprop.com
Office Supervisor Assistant – Alexandria Kohler (ext. 415) – assistant@dnaprop.com
Homeowners Associations – Alan Scholder (ext. 410) – hoaservices@dnaprop.com