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The pros and cons of a home equity line of credit

Part of the financial power of home ownership resides in your home’s equity. Unlike rent, which goes into a landlord’s pocket, the equity you build in your home can be a useful financial tool when the time is right. Home equity is defined as, “a homeowner’s unencumbered interest in their real property—that is, the difference […]

How to keep a healthy house during flu season

The peak of flu season tends to be between December and February, and during these months a little extra cleaning can really pay off. When we go out and about, we can easily bring home the flu virus, and it can continue to be a threat on surfaces throughout the home. Using a disinfectant registered […]

Medical debts treated differently under FICO 9 scoring

Have major medical debts kept you from securing a mortgage? Have you found the terms of loans you’re able to qualify for too expensive? All of that might change soon due to an upgrade to the FICO credit scoring system. The new score is called FICO 9, and it aims to provide assistance to millions […]

Have you considered adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Years ago, it wasn’t so uncommon to have multiple generations living in the same home. Sometimes these were aging parents moving back in with their kids, and other times they were college students getting their finances in order after graduation. Many homeowners utilized extra space in their home to create independent apartments or separate living […]

What is an RCFE?

As boomers age, more and more people want to stay in their own homes or avoid large, institutional settings. A sweet spot between these two options is something called an RCFE, or Residential Care Facility for the Elderly.   Though they’re also known by other names, the concept is the same… elderly residents live together […]

Where to Find Renovation Inspiration Online

You probably don’t need a scientific study to tell you that the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a family home. It serves as a hub for food, a communal space for gathering, and often a message center for family traffic. Some consider it the “brain” of the home. While giant master […]