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Top 10 Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home Faster!

The devil is really in the details when buyers look at a home. Lots of everyday wear and tear that you don’t even notice can ding your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Here’s my list of ten simple improvements you can do to help your home sell faster:   Spruce up your baseboards: […]

Answers for first-time home buyers

Okay, first-time buyers… it’s time to turn the dream into the dirt you can stand on. Your very own home. I’m sure you have questions. In fact, I’m sure your questions are like most first-time buyers. Which is why I’ve put together this down-and-dirty answer guide for the most common questions home buyers have.   […]

What do I mean when I say “MLS”?

Odds are you’ve spent a little time online searching for homes. After all, most home searches begin online. You may have even used a broker’s website or a site like Trulia or Zillow to help you browse listings.   But where does listing information come from?   Way back in the day, prior to the […]

Here are three reasons why to keep your house listed in the Winter

While some sellers think about taking their home off the market in the winter, believing spring or summer would deliver better results, I would caution against this thinking. Here are three reasons why:   Those home shopping in the winter tend to be more qualified buyers. Often they have to buy a house, or they […]

A lesson on loan pre-qualification

Mortgage pre-qualification. Why does it matter? Let me see if I can frame it this way…   Has ever happened to you? You’re out with friends and decide to grab dinner. There’s a new place in town you’ve heard is fantastic.  Rave reviews, amazing cuisine.  Everyone’s excited.   You drive over, pay for parking, and […]

Understanding Home Owners Associations

If you’re a first-time buyer and are confused about what a Home Owners Association is (or does), you should definitely ask the right questions before you consider buying. Basically, an HOA is an organization which is designed to protect the quality of life and property values for owners within a neighborhood or shared building. How […]

How to Protect Your Pipes in the Winter

Live in an area where extreme cold is likely during the winter months? Don’t risk thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs… take the time to protect your pipes from bursting. When water freezes in your pipes, the ice expands, adding to the overall pressure in your home’s plumbing. When this force builds, it can cause […]