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Basics For Buying Your 1st Home

Okay, first-time buyers… it’s time to turn the dream into the dirt you can stand on. Your very own home. I’m sure you have questions. In fact, I’m sure your questions are like most first-time buyers. Which is why I’ve put together this down-and-dirty answer guide for the most common questions home buyers have. 1. […]

Why Work With A Real Estate Agent?

There’s a lot of stuff out there you can buy and sell all by yourself. Unloading your old car? No problem. Ordering a sandwich? Hardly requires a buyer’s agent. But when it comes to buying and selling a home, there are many time-tested reasons for working with a real estate agent. Despite the tangible nature […]

Tips to Help You Choose a Great Property Manager

One of the most important decisions you can make as a real estate investor is hiring the right property manager for your investment property. The difference between a cash-flow positive property and a drag on your finances can be an experienced, professional property manager. You should always interview more than one property management company when […]

Tips For Finding The Right House

So you?re thinking about hunting for a home. Congratulations! How do you plan on ?nding the home you want? It?s surprising how few people can answer this question. Most people say: “Well, I guess I?d look online and maybe contact a real estate agent.” Sure, that?s a ?ne place to start… but if you want […]

14 Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

14 Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill